Lotion Comes Off With Exfoliating Skin Cells

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Pamela V

I don’t have dry skin. I live in a humid climate, which probably helps my skin stay moisturized. I moisturize my face but rarely use hand or body lotions. I am a nurse and only do I wash my hands dozens of times per day, but I also change gloves about 50 times per shift. I know this because I am the only nurse wearing size small gloves on my unit, so I pretty much go through a pair of gloves myself per day, just in my own office.

This lotion does go on smooth and absorbs easily into the skin. Any odor or fragrance is very slight. I noticed,though, after applying this lotion and allowing it to dry sufficiently, I could rub my hands together and particles of dirt or whatever, that was, of course, unnoticeable before applying the lotion, were balling up and coming to the surface of my skin. Kind of like exfoliating my skin.

So I read the bottle more carefully and one of this lotions claims on the bottle is that it comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells. Interesting. But not necessarily a feeling I like to have. Another claim of this lotion is that it bonds with your outer skin cells to form and invisible shield that helps protect your skin. I find myself rubbing my hands together, which makes the lotion particles come off with skin cells, which makes my hands feel dirty. I don’t like that.

I can see the benefits of this lotion for anyone that does cleaning or is in water and not wearing gloves. Or for anyone that has skin problems on their hands and forearms because of work or cleaning duties, being exposed to water, moisture, or temperatures. But as a daily lotion, I am not going to use this. I don’t care for the feeling of exfoliating skin cells on my hands.

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