Hydropic Dermatitis

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“For me your product is “Miracle” in a bottle. I’ve had problem hands off and on for many years. Treatments varied but all were in effective in controlling or healing the problems I experienced with my hands.

Fortunately, my sister had a sample of Gloves in a Bottle and offered me some. I checked out the website and was initially discouraged when I didn’t see any images of hands as bad as mine, but the testimonials made me hopeful. I had just applied a series of creams and ointments to aid in the therapy and healing of my hands and was very anxious to read the instructions of “Wash your hands first” as soap and water were not friendly to me.

To my astonishment, within seconds of applying Gloves in a Bottle, the redness of my hands was significantly reduced; and so was the discomfort!! I have continued to use this product and have not had an outbreak since.

The condition that my physician finally diagnosed me with is hydropic dermatitis which has no known cause but affects females and is stress related. It very much mimics contact dermatitis and eczema.

I keep a bottle close to me at all times! Thanks for making this amazing product!!”