It helped me with nickel allergy, it took 9 days to heal

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“I suffer the form of Nickel allergy that affects every aspect of my life, not just the rash of wearing cheap jewelery. I have had to change my whole lifestyle as nickel is added to food, the soil, and for its cheapness to most products. This causes me suffering and it usually comes out on my hands as dermatitis and eczema. I am a semptress (seamstress) and you can’t buy a nickel free hand sewing needle at all. I found information about this product and thought I would give it a try when my hands were sore. Not only did this product help clear my hands, but it also provided the barrier to allow me to continue sewing at the same time. I advise all who suffer like I do to give this lotion a try, it took 9 days to heal.”