Great stuff. It really does work.

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Melissa B.


Great stuff. It really does work. It was recommended to me by my doctor. Last winter when I went in for a doctor visit; I showed my dry hands to my doctor. My hands get so dry in the winter. Especially here in Colorado, where the air is dry and there is less humidity. My hands were dry, cracked, and bleeding. I even had a band-aid wrapped around one of my fingers due to it being so dry/ cracked/ and bleeding. My doctor asked me, “Have you tried gloves in a bottle?” And I said, “No… what’s that?” He told me that it’s what car mechanics use on their hands for extremely dry hands. So, I googled it when I got home; and saw it on Amazon.

What I really like about this is that it is very easy to apply. You wash your hands, then put this on. Then let it dry. It lasts for several hours. You can even wash your hands ~ and it stays on! And you don’t need to wear gloves at night, either; because Gloves in a Bottle is non-greasy. It dries completely and stays on your hands for like 4 to 5 hours.

And Gloves in a Bottle is fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic; so it does not irritate my hands at all. It is incredibly gentle on your skin.

I did not notice any difference after the first night of applying this to my hands. But after approx. 3 days and nights of application; the cracks on my hands simply weren’t there anymore. And my hands were no longer dry… at all.

I notice that if I stop using this in the winter, then my hands do tend to become dry again. So, I use it nearly every day/ or as needed.

…This stuff should be called MIRACLE in a Bottle!”