Great skin solution for outdoor pursuits

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Adrian Ramon

Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion, for use ANYWHERE on the body.

It bonds with the outer layer of skin cells to give them integrity, so it retains moisture and oils in the skin while offering a shielding property which protects from the elements that interfere with the skin’s condition.

It doesn’t wash off! Instead, it comes off with natural exfoliation of the skin layers and therefore remains effective for several hours.

Because this protective layer locks in moisture, it allows the condition of dry/damaged skin to be restored naturally and very effectively! It helps to relieve eczema, psoriasis, it’s also used in diabetic care, and it prevents blistering in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The shielding property prevents skin allergies, dermatitis and skin irritations including resisting poisonous plants and shrubs. It is used across a huge number of industries to protect the skin – from constant handwashing / sanitizing, handling cleaning products, solvents, paints and thinners, or just to make it easier to clean up after working because paint, oil and grime will wash off the skin more readily.

In winter sales will soar because of the prevalence of dry skin conditions.

In summer, its also great for healing big bites, reducing skin-pealing after sunburn, and with the new SPF formula it makes a great skin solution for outdoor pursuits.