GreaT for gardeners and such!!

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I first tried this product when I received it as a sample from the Home Gardening Club of which I am a lifetime member. As a gardener and as a person who performs the usual household chores (such as dishes) I tend to get dry skin (also in a dry climate) as I can not work in gloves. This product is GREAT for preventing the dryness that comes with such everyday activities. It also makes it SOOO easy to wash off dirt. The dirt does not get stuck under the fingernails. I have even taken to putting it on my feet when out playing in the summer and it helps protect my peticure! It really is a great product. And for those that find the feeling “yucky” all I can say is the feeling goes away and far outweighs the initial feeling. You will eventually feel your skin become supple and soft…and yes…protected. The point is tha tit PROTECTS from outside chores and daily hazards to your skin.