Extremely painful cracked skin

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“Like many other reviewers, I have struggled every winter with dry, cracked skin. I would get extremely painful cracks at the edge of my fingernails and on my fingertips that were so deep they would bleed. It became difficult to button or snap my clothes. I tried EVERYTHING over the years. Every kind of cream, lotion, oil, etc. I would smear all these various concoctions on my hands at night and cover them with white cotton gloves while I slept (my husband dubbed me “Minnie Mouse”). Absolutely nothing worked.

While researching–yet again–what I might do to alleviate this painful condition, I found a mention of Gloves In a Bottle. Trust me, I was very skeptical as I had been disappointed so many times, but desperation won. I purchased my first bottle and am amazed at how quickly it has healed the cracks on my hands. Within a few days, all were almost gone and no new ones have developed. I do not put it on every four hours as indicated on the bottle but always do it at least morning and night and other times as I think of it. I have now ordered two more bottles and a small one to carry in my purse. I am a believer!”