My dermatologist recommended this product

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Lisa Kearns

“I have dry skin and I get painful, bleeding cracks in my fingertips every winter. I’ve used every lotion and cream known to man, with mixed results. If I’m religious about putting on lotion throughout the day, almost any type will help a little. If I’m religious about putting a thick body butter on them only at night (too greasy for daytime use) that helps too. But I still had problems with cracks and dry skin if I skipped a day or two of using moisturizers.

My dermatologist recommended this product, and I bought a bottle to try. Because this lotion forms a more or less permanent barrier in your top layer of skin, it continues to preserve the moisture in my skin even after washing my hands. It rubs in and dries without leaving a greasy feel, and continues to protect for many hours.

As an experiment, I went 24 hours between applications – in the meantime washing my hands and showering and otherwise abusing my skin. At the end of 24 hours my hands weren’t dried out and ready to crack like they normally would be. This tells me the lotion really does form a barrier and protects my skin. Excellent!”