Gardeners, plumbers, auto mechanics

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David Kline

People who work with their hands – plumbers, auto mechanics, gardeners – will appreciate Gloves In A Bottle.

This stuff actually works! For gardeners, those cracks around the thumb are gone. And I’ve found using it on my forearms gives almost complete protection against dermatitis that used to result from working in juniper bushes. Washing up is quicker, easier and more effective, even after doing greasy jobs such as engine work. Not to wax too enthusiastic, but I’ve rarely found a product that delivers more than it promises.

This is the first summer I have had smooth “garden hands”. This product is wonderful and I use it every day. My fingernails no longer dry out and break or split. I really enjoy using your product. The day it came I slathered my arms and hands up and bravely went into the grocery store. I put the basked on my arm and hooked it to my elbow. By the time I had finished shopping I had a rash that ran from my elbow up. I realized I had applied Gloves In A Bottle up to my elbow and where I had applied it I was ok. I also found out my gym’s shaving cream in their showers has nut oils. Also, your prompt delivery and friendly service are greatly appreciated!”