Best moisturizer there is, bar none!

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Linda Dotson

Absolutely the best moisturizer ever created! For years, my hands were exposed to solvent nearly every day. However, the Florida climate always helped keeping cracked/split hands at bay. Upon moving north, I finally encountered the misery that I’ve heard people describe, fingers splitting at the first sign of cold. After haphazardly using whatever moisturizer was laying around, I started to take it serious. I first tried the Working Hands product, and while decent enough, it always felt greasy and heavy, in addition to washing off easily.

After that, the 97¢ Gold Bond travel size seemed to stay on a little longer, but it’s also a greasy mess. Finally, I decided to stop being so cheap, and ordered Gloves in a Bottle… Just a lil dab, rub it in, and wave your hands to dry it. Non greasy, lasts all day, and one application moisturizes better than 5 applications of anything else. I like it so much I ordered 10 small bottles to pass out to people I know, simply to share what I feel is a great solution to a tough problem.

Even now, sometimes I’ll forget to use it, and my fingers won’t split for 3 or 4 days. Previously, if I didn’t use the other brands at least 10x per day, I’d have splitting at the first exposure to cold. You will not regret switching to Gloves in a Bottle, and it makes a great (and affordable) Christmas gift!