The Pros and Cons of Eczema Gloves

Eczema gloves are generally made with cotton and are great at treating hand eczema. A shielding lotion, is formulated to work similarly to eczema gloves.

Best Lotion for Diabetic Dry Skin

If you know anyone with diabetes, then you would know that diabetic dry skin is one of the worst kinds. Diabetes can cause skin, especially the skin of your feet to be dry.

Dermatologist recommended hand lotion for nurses

A nurse’s hands deserve the best treatment, as they undergo a great deal in one single shift. As a nurse, you are likely to use a hand sanitizer, and wash your hands multiple times in just one shift.

Hand Sanitizer Lotion and Alternatives

Most dermatologists will tell you that an effective hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer lotion is alcohol based, and therefore they are highly irritating to the skin and skin’s health.

Skin Barrier Cream

In a time when frequent hand washing is critical and essential our skin is being stripped of a lot of the moisture it needs to keep it healthy.