Online Re-sellers’ Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

As an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of superior skin care products, Gloves In A Bottle, Inc. (“GIAB”) strives to provide outstanding customer service and an excellent customer experience through a superb network of over 18,000 retailer’s worldwide.

GIAB’s outstanding online-retailers make substantial commitments of time and investments of resources to deliver exemplary service through well trained and knowledgeable staff, detailed and informative listings and other sales collateral. To support its onlineretailers’ efforts and to assure the high level of customer serviceGIAB strives to deliver, GIAB has unilaterally adopted a MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY (“MAP Policy”) for our online retailers. GIAB has adopted this MAP Policy because online-retailers advertising practices that promote GIAB products solely on the basis of price, and not product quality, service, and other factors, could be detrimental to Resellers’ service and support efforts, and also GIAB’s position as a leading skincare brand. Such actions may be harmful to GIAB’s brand, reputation, and competitiveness, and could allow some online Retailers to unfairly take advantage of the marketing, service, or support investment of others. GIAB believes that these practices are unfair and harmful to GIAB, and its brand, and therefore strongly discourages this conduct.

GIAB, in its unilateral discretion, will not do business with any Reseller, as to the products covered by this MAP Policy, if that Reseller intentionally advertises any MAP Product below its MAP price.

Amazon Prise Amazon Prise
Dry, cracked & irritated skin
Dry, cracked &
irritated skin
Eczema & psoriasis
Eczema &
Cracked feet, diabetic friendly
Cracked feet,
diabetic friendly
Gloves in a Bottle Tube
Hand Sanitizers, Surgical Scrubs
Hand Sanitizers,
Surgical Scrubs
Frequent Hand-washing
Home & Workplace Irritants
Home & Workplace

Rewiews: Skin Care Skin Care Experts

Frequent Hand-washing
Cathy Fischer, RN, MSN, CIC
Manager, Infection Prevention
A major US hospital
“Our staff absolutely love Gloves in A Bottle®! We had quite a few staff who were having such a difficult time with their skin and hand washing with soap and water or alcohol gel was just painful. It’s amazing how many of them have used your product and their hands have actually been able to heal while they continued to provide care.”