Eczema (Also referred to as Dermatitis or Atopic Dermatitis)

The term eczema is broadly applied to a wide range of persistent skin conditions. These include dryness and recurring skin rashes that are characterized by one or more of these symptoms: redness, skin swelling, itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding. Areas of temporary skin discoloration may appear and are sometimes due to healed injuries. Scratching open a healing lesion may result in scarring and may enlarge the rash.

There are several causes of eczema, including bacteria, fungi, parasites or foreign substances (allergens), but it is most commonly associated with allergies. Chronic forms of dermatitis tend to cause thickening, pigmentation, and scaling of the skin, whereas acute forms are characterized by a red, itching area of blisters and oozing.

How Gloves In A Bottle can help prevent Eczema

Instead of attempting to replace natural oils, Gloves In A Bottle bonds with dead skin cells on the outer layer of hand, face or body skin and works like an invisible pair of gloves. This invisible pair of gloves helps to reduce the loss of natural oil and moisture, which in turn restores hydration to the skin. This in turn alleviates the dry skin problem, which subsequently resolves the problem with cracked skin.

Dr. Peter Helton

Dr. peter helton
Board Certified Dermatologist
Newport Beach, CA

Eczema Treatment:

We have been very excited and happy with the results achieved using "Gloves In A Bottle". We have been treating hand eczema patients with it, applying their medication first in the morning, then applying "Gloves In A Bottle" several times daily.

We have achieved good results with your product such that the patients have been able to stop their medications and continue only with "Gloves In A Bottle" to control their hand eczema condition. We are very happy with the use of your product, and I feel that it is one of the best moisturizing protective creams on the market.

I have no reservations in prescribing "Gloves In A Bottle" to patients with hand eczema. I also recommend it for people without a hand condition who want to protect their hands and keep them soft and supple.


Hi - this is the first time in my life I've ever contacted a company to give either positive or negative feedback, but your product has changed my life so much I couldn't not tell you.

I've suffered from severe pompholyx eczema on my hands since I was 15 years old. I'm 32 now and have tried everything you can imagine and spent so much money on possible cures. It's affected every aspect of my life - work, relationships, my confidence - just handing money over in shops made me feel horrible. And I've always wanted to be a midwife but I knew I couldn't do it with my hands the way they were. I stumbled across your product one day looking around on the Internet and tried it. I cannot tell you how glad I am. I haven't had one blister, one bit of dry skin, nothing. It's been months now and I religiously use it every few hours and it actually works. I've used so many steroid creams since I was 16 that have thinned my skin and not done an awful lot else. I think more doctors need to know this exists.

I really also think you need to market it more in the uk. I was lucky to come across it - I've told a lot of friends about it and will carry on recommending.

Sorry! I never meant this to turn into such a long email - I just wanted to say thank you so much. Please don't ever stop making it.


I have been battling dry skin and severe eczema for a long time. Have had different creams from my doctor and I went for a long time to a skin specialist and I've tried it all.

Yesterday I went to get some Gloves In A Bottle – I put it on at 6 PM and my hands were as smooth as a baby's behind and stayed that way. This morning went back to the pharmacy and bought a small bottle and because I am on Social Security they gave me four packets.

I have never had anything work so fast and so good. My eczema skin was so bad if I brushed my hand by my face it would actually cut it. I wanted to let you know this stuff is a miracle and I can go somewhere and not be embarrassed by my hands. Thank you, thank you for coming up with this cream.

Jude Pamington

I just wanted to say thank you for selling the Gloves In A Bottle - this lotion has transformed my hands and my life. For years I suffered with very bad eczema on the palms of my hands. It was very painful and often got infected.

I bought some Gloves In A Bottle just to see if it worked. Having tried almost every lotion and potion under the sun, I admit I was cynical but it really does work for eczema. Although I still get the odd itch, my hands are virtually clear of any eczema for the first time in 32 years! The skin is smooth and supple and I have been able to grow healthy nails at last.
Thank you so much.

Allison Failing

Ezcema Treatment:

I am 43 years old and have always had severe eczema and contact dermatitis. I have never known what is like to have hands without blisters or cuts.

My 12 year old niece saw Gloves In A Bottle in a store in Canada while traveling with her parents. She questioned the clerk about the product and became convinced that this was the cure for her Aunties hands. She immediately contacted me when she arrived home, so excited that she had made this discovery. Reluctantly, I told her that I would give it a try (since I had tried everything else under the sun).

Within one week my hands had cleared. I had a severe patch on my right palm for nine months. It was gone in one week!! I have never been able to do the dishes without repercussions, peel an orange or slice a tomato among many other things. Last night I washed dishes by hand, peeled an orange and broke it into slices. NO BLISTERS or SEVERE ITCHING!!

Thank you so much for marketing this product. I have convinced many people over this past week, today especially, that they needed to try my new discovery.

I work in a school setting and many are asking where to buy and how much. So we have already placed an order for more. If ever there is a doubt in someone’s mind, my hands can truly be a testimony as to how well this works. Respectfully Submitted.

Tariro K. Makina

My mother has just arrived from the USA and she brought me a bottle of Gloves In A Bottle. I have had terrible eczema since birth and now at 23 I still struggle with it. When I first looked at the bottle I just said to myself "Another bottle from people trying to market a useless product that will make my skin worse". She has not been here for a week and I started using the product yesterday morning.

The results were amazing!! Apparently I had been handling detergents and my skin had reacted but if I tell you those ugly scales are disappearing so fast I can't even believe it. I applied it again last night and this morning its like evolution. My hand looks better. I have never seen a product that works so well. I want to recommend it to anyone who is having trouble with dry skin or eczema. This is beautiful you guys. Keep it up.

Shelley Stephenson Robinson

I read about Gloves In A Bottle after seeing the link to your site in an email newsletter I receive - "This is True" published by Randy Cassingham. I checked out your site because I have a pretty bad case of eczema on my foot right now, and nothing seems to be helping.

I found a local store that carries Gloves In A Bottle and purchased an 8 oz bottle, which I tried that same day.

By that evening, my foot was already looking and feeling better. (This was yesterday) Today, it is even better still. My foot didn't swell as much as usual, even though I had to wear dress shoes all day at work, which usually aggravates the problem. And when I did scratch late in the afternoon, I didn't get the usual reaction of seeping and/or bleeding.

I am thrilled with your product, and I intend to tell anyone who will listen about it.

Thank you so very much!

Buffalo, NY

Product works well on eczema - thank you! I am crazy about Gloves In A Bottle. It works better than the prescription cream from my dermatologist, and is not sticky like the prescription. It absorbs quickly, really moisturizes my skin and has no odor. Many thanks! I am spreading the word.

Review from

I've suffered from fairly severe excema on my hands for 20 years. I live in Alaska, a very cold and dry place. Some quality hand creams, especially those with aloe, brought relief but did not prevent outbreaks. Gloves In A Bottle is a bit different. It brings relief and it prevents the tiny blisters from forming. That is HUGE in my book. I've only been on it for a week, but the absence of those blisters is a big breakthrough for me. Frequent applications of GIAB has prevented the excema from taking its natural course. All in all, I'm ready to buy it by the gallon.

Susan Tan

I am very pleased to inform that your product works really well for my mother who has hand eczema and her condition has improved tremendously. She has consulted many doctors before this and one had even prescibed an immunosuppressant for her. It was a very strong drug which stopped the itch but did little much else. Hence, I'm really glad to have found your product and very thankful for the great service and advice from your Singapore distributor.


I've had a severe medical skin problem (eczema) for the past 22 months and nothing seemed to help... until I applied your product.

The "problem" disappeared within two days.

Georgia Pierre

Since 1969, my skin has been plagued with topical allergies in the form of an itchy rash after ear-lobe piercing followed by implants of 18 carat gold posts. It started out with a reaction to gold, other metals and plastics. By 1973, I could not handle raw tomatoes or green pepper, or adhesive tapes. In 1993, the reaction was full blown, with my being unable to touch any fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, grass, and flowers without gloves.

Under dermatologists' care all this time, I finally had to resort to plastic gloves to cook in. I was allergic to the plastic, so wore white cotton gloves underneath. The problem with this was that my cooking would be interrupted every five to ten minutes so I could remove the gloves so I could cool off my hands to prevent the exacerbation of my latent eczema.

With passion, I love cooking and eating. With Gloves In A Bottle, I can do things like hold a tomato, plum or peach with my bare hand, and hold it as I slice! I can fiddle around with all the chopping I want for Asian stir fries in half the time. I can go outside and caress a tree blossom, a rose.

My gratitude is manifold.