Dry skin or xerodermia (also known as xerosis cutis), derived from the Greek words for "dry skin", is a condition involving the integumentary system. Dry skin occurs most commonly on the scalp, lower legs, arms, hands, the knuckles, the sides of the abdomen, and thighs. Symptoms most associated with dry skin are scaling (the visible peeling of the outer skin layer), itching, and skin cracking.

Common Causes

Dry skin is a very common condition. It happens more often in the winter where the cold air outside and the hot air inside creates a low relative humidity. This causes the skin to lose moisture and it may crack and peel. Bathing or hand washing too frequently, especially if one is using harsh soaps, can contribute to dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin A, vitamin D, systemic illness, severe sunburn, or some medication. Dry skin can be caused by choline inhibitors. Detergents such as washing powder and dishwashing liquid can cause dry skin as well.

How Gloves In A Bottle can help prevent dry skin

Instead of attempting to replace natural oils, Gloves In A Bottle bonds with dead skin cells on the outer layer of hand, face or body skin and works like an invisible pair of gloves. This invisible pair of gloves helps to reduce the loss of natural oil and moisture, which in turn restores hydration to the skin, alleviating the dry skin problem.

Linda Graham
Cedar Park, TX

I am 65 years old and had never had any skin problems until two years ago when the doctors took me off of my hormone pills. I began to notice dry itchy skin, especially on the trunk area and particularly in the winter months. I bought different soaps, creams, lotions, powders and whatever over the counter medications for dry itchy skin I could find. None seemed to give me any relief. I had never been to a dermatologist, but decided maybe this was it. I made an appointment but couldn't get in for a month.

So in the meantime I started searching the internet for a solution and literally stumbled across Gloves in a Bottle. I placed an order and it came quickly. I started using your lotion and by the time I went for my appointment with the dermatologist my skin had cleared up. I make a point to keep it on hand now.

Mike Harris

At 35 years of age, both of my hands developed scaly, dry areas, mostly on the palm side of the hands and fingers, especially the fingertips. After suffering with persistent itching and bleeding, I visited a doctor about it. The doctor believes that there is something that I'm touching with my hands to which I have developed an allergy. He prescribed "Diprolene", but was careful to give me a number of dire warnings about how this was very strong medicine, not meant for prolonged use.

The Diprolene did handle the problem, but even if my hands appeared to be completely healed, as soon as I stopped using "Diprolene", the symptoms would quickly return. This was no long-term solution, so I began trying an assortment of different skin care products from pharmacies, Avon, health food stores, taking vitamin E, etc.

I even tried wearing gloves most of the day to avoid touching anything with the skin of my hands. I'm sure you can imagine how ridiculous I felt walking around with gloves on in the San Antonio summer, plus -it did nothing whatsoever to help the situation. In a nutshell, some of these things made the problem more bearable, but nothing was really helping to heal the problem.

I saw "Gloves In A Bottle" at a Walgreen's pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas. I bought some and tried it. At first, I really didn't think that it was doing very much. This product isn't a moisturizer, like everything else that I tried to use, so it didn't feel like it was doing anything.

However, the affected skin on my fingers and palms seemed to be slowly improving as long as I was faithful in using this product. I reached a point at which the large scaly patches basically disappeared and my fingers no longer cracked and bled in a few weeks. A few more weeks, and the dry itchy skin on my hands appeared to be nearly perfect again.

Jeanne Smith

My daughter works in a deli and she loves your product!! She puts it on before she starts work and again after her break. She has had many problems with dry itchy skin in the past but since using your product her hands are soft, and look Wonderful!!!

Thank you so much for making this GREAT product!

Anita Conrad
Mountlake Terrace, WA

Gloves In A Bottle lotion is amazing. I have a constant problem with dry skin on hands due to a job that requires frequent hand washing. The improvement in skin condition since using this product is very apparent.

Cheryl Bliss
Providence, RI

I have my hands in & out of water all day as I'm a home care aide. In the winter especially this dries my hands a lot. Using Gloves In A Bottle really works. My hands are soft. I especially like it as I don't have to reapply after each hand washing.


Subject: Resale Inquiry

I have been using this product for the last 2 weeks and I am very impressed with it. I have never found anything that worked so well on dry spots and hands etc. Especially on my elbows which were just as bad as the example picture you show and the results I got were the same as your illustration. I was so impressed that I would like to attempt to sell it as an independent salesmen if such is possible...

Hope Trevino
Harlingen, TX

Just wanted to let you know that your product is great. I was having a very difficult time with dry skin. Due to the onset of some physical problems my skin felt cracked and looked horrible. I heard about your product though a friend, I have had much relief and my skin feels great. Thank you for this product.