Cracked skin is a symptom of dry skin, but can also occur in response to a skin infection, scratches or other trauma. When the skin gets dry, it can become rough and flaky. Small tears begin to form and can lead to deeper cracks called fissures, which can extend into the dermis (inner layer of skin).

Cracked skin is usually accompanied by other dry skin symptoms, with one symptom typically leading to another. For example, dryness can lead to scaling, scaling can cause itchiness, itching can lead to scratching, scratching can cause inflammation and small tears that can develop into fissures (cracks), and these can lead to further irritation. Treating dry, injured or cracked skin promptly and diligently can help break this cycle.

How Gloves In A Bottle can help prevent cracked skin

Instead of attempting to replace natural oils, Gloves In A Bottle bonds with dead skin cells on the outer layer of hand, face or body skin and works like an invisible pair of gloves. This invisible pair of gloves helps to reduce the loss of natural oil and moisture, which in turn restores hydration to the skin. This in turn alleviates the dry skin problem, which subsequently resolves the problem with cracked skin.

Linda Brill

I am another person who has tried EVERYTHING for my cracked, painful fingertips and nothing worked. A week ago, after applying six Band-Aids and greasy ointment I went to the Internet in desperation, hoping to find a better solution. I found your website and the testimonials convinced me that I had nothing to lose by trying your product. I called every drugstore in town and finally located it.

I am so pleased and amazed that after only one day the cracks were closed and healing. The lotion was also soothing and helped with the pain immediately. At first I used it faithfully every four hours. And now, a week later, the cracks are almost gone. My hands are softer than they've ever been. Thank you so much for creating a product that is finally healing my dry hands and fingers. What a miracle!

Stuart Carmichael
Hull, East Yorkshire, England

I am dropping you a e-mail just to say how fantastic your product really is. I have suffered with sore cracked hands causing me pain and embarrasment for years, I have been a Marine Engineer for the last seventeen and a half years starting my apprenticeship with the same company. Going back to then health and safety isn't what it is today and disposable gloves were not used back then and it was seen tough to not use them.

I would say my problem started maybe 11 years ago and have got worse since I came off the shop floor and promoted to Marine Eng.Supervisor, I don't know why. I became fed up with it about a month ago after trying every cream I could buy, using plasters like they had gone out of fashion. I decided to search the internet where I came by your product Gloves In A Bottle and decided to purchase it through an agent in England.

I have got to say my hands are fantastic, family and friends can't believe the transformation. I had to e-mail you just to pass on my thanks for such a fantastic product and it has improved my life, in fact I have just ordered another bottle.


I wanted to inform you of how this product has done wonders for a skin problem that I have been fighting with for a couple of years. The skin on the tips of my fingers, on both hands were cracking severely regardless of the various attempts I made to soften the skin and/or to apply medication to heal the cracks.

My fingers were so bad that at times I had extreme difficulties buttoning my clothes or holding on to small items such as pencils, screwdrivers, etc.

I started using Gloves In A Bottle and it was almost an instantaneous improvement.

Within 5 days of use of the product, applying it at least twice a day during that period, my skin problem was handled - the cracks were nearly gone, the skin on my finger tips began defoliating and it was incredible how soft and supple my hands have become.

This product is great, makes your hands feel good and soft. It’s been years since my hands have been so smooth and feel so good.

Kate N.

For the first time in my life I have nails! I have been using GIAB for just a short time now, but in the last few weeks my nails have grown and are strong. My hands are softer than they have ever been and for the first time in my life I am using nail varnish. Thank you so much for GIAB - it really works.

C. B. Daring
Manhattan Beach, CA

I searched online for a little while for a good hand cream that I could find without going to my dermatologist, I found great reviews of Gloves in a Bottle. I purchased it yesterday and in less than 24 hours my hands are almost unscarred and are certainly free of pain. I work on movie sets, therefore I do a lot of work with my hands which require all sorts of situations, most of which are cracking my hands apart. I was tired of wearing Band-Aids all the time underneath gloves. The cracks were quite painful. Now I'm excited to get back to work, pain free.

Pontiac, Michigan

I would just like to say as soon as I have more money I'll be ordering as much Gloves In A Bottle as I can buy.

Because this stuff really works, I had my hands starting to crack the other night and I put some Gloves In A Bottle on right before I went to bed and I got up this morning and I noticed a much improved overall look, like my hands never cracked or had cracks around them.

I just want to say thanks for a wonderful product like yours. I know if I would have bought a hand lotion from any other store, it couldn't do what your guys' product has done for me in just as little as 24 hours and or less, because I know - with other over the counter hand lotions - they take forever to seemingly work and when they do, you are not sure if it's going to last.

I might add that I have obsessive compulsive disorder which causes me to wash my hands a lot, and other over the counter hand lotions wash right off, where as you know this one doesn't. Which is a good thing for me.

Thanks again for the great product, I can't wait to be able to buy more so I have enough to last me, even though one bottle shockingly has lasted me some time now.


I have used your product for a week, and so far so good! I work with handicapped children and must wash my hands numerous times daily. I usually develop those painful fingertip cracks but have not experienced that since using GIAB. Thank you so much!!

Mary Kay
Englewood, CO

I recently began using your product "Gloves in a Bottle" to help with split and peeling finger tips. Although I've only been using the lotion for about a week, the improvement is amazing... and not just on the tips of the fingers! My hands are much smoother and less dry every day. I love this product and will be sure to pass out the samples included in my shipment to spread the word to my friends. Thanks for creating it!!!

Brad Welker
Cape Girardeau, MO

Thank you for this product. I have had sore cracked hands for years. I have tried everything you can buy and nothing would work. My daughter is a nurse and somebody gave her Gloves In A Bottle. Her hands are like mine because of washing her hands all the time. This stuff is great.