I am always looking for a good product for the dry skin on my hands. I purchased your product from "Real Goods". The constant hand washing and application of latex gloves keeps my skin very dry and irritated. This product is the best skin care production I have ever used. It is also a great gift for my co-workers.

Cynthia Fowler
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Your product has been a total life-saver for me. Upon the beginning use of your product over a year ago, I have had a total remission of the latex dermatitis that was plaguing me until that time.

Upon continuous use of the lotion, I have had no reoccurrence of the skin allergies. I have no further symptoms, and will be forever grateful for your product.

Arnold H. Stern

I purchased Gloves In A Bottle because I was looking for a product that would reduce the symptoms of contact dermatitis from irritants such as soap or powder from washing your hands and latex glove wear. I have not found a product that works as well as Gloves In A Bottle. I want to give my unreserved endorsement of your product.

Richard E Dunn

We purchased Gloves In A Bottle for our maintenance and custodial staff. They work with oils, lubricants and various kinds of chemicals, and the latex gloves they were using were causing skin allergies on their hands.

We use it in conjunction with the latex gloves and have been very happy with it. We have not had experience with the any other product like this one, we have always relied on latex gloves in the past but are now switching to a protective method in addition to latex gloves.

Duane Campbell
Business Manager/Director, Physical Plant
East Central College
Union MO

FINALLY a product that works and saved my hands!!!

I was at my pharmacy having my pharmacist help me look for latex-free bandages so I could cover the deep crack in my thumb that I have had for over a month. Every bandage they had (Band-Aid, Curad, Nexcare, ValueRight and a couple more brands) used latex and with my severe allergy, my skin comes off the bandage so I was out of luck until she found a brand that is latex-free and ordered it in for me. In the mean time she gave me the small bottle of Gloves In A Bottle to try.

WOW!!! I used it before I went to bed Thursday night and when I woke up Friday morning that deep crack in the middle of my thumb that was bleeding the day before – was almost totally healed! I stopped in on my way to work and showed my pharmacist – she couldn't believe it either!!! I'm now using it about 3 times a day (it's Saturday and she gave me the bottle on Thursday) and that deep crack... all but GONE!!! One more day and it will be! What an amazing product! The pharmacy is ordering some in or if I can't want I'm going to order directly from your website!

I have tried everything – Triple-antibiotic ointment, pure Cocoa Butter, Corn Huskers, Vaseline's Waterproof hand lotion, Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, a hand cream for gardeners, Nu-Skin, Liquid Band-Aid, super glue dipped in baking soda (my boyfriend's father's fix – IT MADE IT WORSE because it killed and dried all the skin it touched!) – just to name a few – and NEVER have I gotten anything even close to the healing I got with JUST ONE USE!!!!! As I said – what an AMAZING PRODUCT!!! And no latex allergic reaction!!!

Your product has saved my life! I'm only 32 and my hands look like I'm at least 70 from the finger and knuckle cracks and the general dryness all over. I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR "Gloves In A Bottle"!!!!!!

Denise L. Carey

I had a rave success from a pharmacy tech who is also a hairdresser. He gets a reaction from latex gloves (latex contact dermatitis - ed.note) and cannot wear other types of gloves because they roll up with the hair when he does perms and it is impossible. Hair dye is also a problem. He said using GIAB he is able to avoid gloves altogether and does much finer and quicker work on perms and dyes while avoiding the harmful effects of chemicals. He likes it for his work in the pharmacy because they wash their hands constantly because sick people sneeze and cough all over the prescriptions they hand to the pharmacy staff. GIAB allows them to wash their hands often without the drying effects of the soaps they use.

Never have I used a product like yours. I used to work for a Fortune 500 Cosmetic Company so I have used a lot of skin care products. Gloves in a Bottle is the best lotion I have ever used.

Tanya Ladoucer

I had been having trouble with skin allergies - a rash on my left hand for over a year. I had this problem when my children were small. We called it "housewife’s hands", but I had not been bothered with it for years. I have also worn rubber gloves (latex) for years when doing dishes or scrubbing, etc.

When I could not get this rash to go away, I tried many lotions and medicated creams, to no avail. Also it seemed to be worse around my ring finger. I finally had to have my wedding ring cut off thinking I had skin allergies to metal. I finally went to my doctor and she told me to get rid of my gloves and get milder dish detergent. It helped somewhat but it seemed that even just water would irritate my skin, so when I read about your product in Alternatives newsletter, I decided to try it.

My hand has been cleared up for the last few weeks, and I try to use Gloves In A Bottle at least twice a day. It seems to be working!

Norma Gray
Sheldon, IL

I wanted to write a message here to say "Thank You". To me it is not "Gloves In A Bottle", but more like "Miracle-In-A-Bottle".

I suffer from the effects of psoriasis and eczema on both my feet and my hands, this is topped with allergies to a wide variety items. I have been using steroidal creams and moisturizers, together with oral steroids to help keep it in check. I have suffered with this for about 5 years now, and it's been very bad, to point where I was not able to make a fist or even walk.

Even after all this, as soon as I would finish the oral steroid regimen, within 4 to 5 days the psoriasis condition would re-appear with a vengeance.

I was presented with your product by my Dermatologists. At the point I saw them, my feet were extremely bad, as were my hands. My hands looked like something made up in a Hollywood set for a movie.

Well, I began using your product, and after just a few days, my psoriasis damaged hands began to show signs of getting better, and I can actually sleep through the night now. I apply it a bit more often then the suggested use, since my skin cells are in the "fast lane", as compared to normal skin cells.

I gave your product to a co-worker here in the office, his hands were extremely dry, and his wife was allergic to the powder that is placed inside of the latex gloves. After using your product, the allergic reaction stopped, and his hands began to feel much better as well.

Please feel free to use this for endorsement of your product.

Once again, THANK YOU for making my life a lot easier and somewhat more normal. My sincere Thanks.

Randy Schwanke

Thank you so very much for your prompt reply and information about the Quilter's Choice and Walgreens. They are both very convenient, even more so than Home Depot, which is my husband's favorite store next to Harbor Freight. Praise be, his fingers felt so much better when he woke up this morning. At 81 he is rebuilding a playhouse for our four little grandsons who are visiting us next week. The old California termites had been getting fat and sassy on the wood and completely destroyed it.

I have tried for years to get my husband to wear latex gloves. Surgeons and dentists can use them but he claims he cannot. Consequently he winds up with split and bleeding fingers. We had intended to spread the word at a church music seminar today but unfortunately my bronchitis kicked up and unable to attend. However I can always give my thanksgivings at church tomorrow.

After 58 years of marriage I hate to see my husband in pain and he has been so good to me this year after my bout with pneumonia, emphysema and congestive heart failure. You asked how I had learned about your product. It goes back to my old librarian days of research. Was looking for split fingers and Google led me eventually to Gloves In A Bottle. I can hardly wait till I am able to go out into the garden again and use it myself. I still have so much ivy and weeds to pull and have difficulty finding small enough gloves for my hands.

Needless to say, my hands get very dirty and rough. Hopefully this next week I can get out into the sunshine but had better send my husband down to Walgreens for the large size bottle. I have a hunch the 2 oz bottle isn't going to last very long. I think I will have him buy some of the small size bottles to give to some of our friends who also have problems.

Please advertise more and let the world know what a great product you have.

Jane Campbell

Gloves In A Bottle