Help soothe and moisturize dry skin using Gloves In A Bottle

Gloves In A Bottle applies like hand cream, leaving my hands smooth and soft but provides a barrier against the dirt, the stains and the penetrating grunge I am always getting my hands into, as I work in the greenhouses potting and cutting and in my work shop with my many projects.

The best feature is the penetrating coverage, guarding against dirt, stains and grunge. I think this product should be available in Garden Centers and well as Automotive and Home Centers.

Ti Henderson
Enumclaw, WA

This is the best stuff I have ever used... last year after having a medical doctor give me a sample of your product to my surprise it worked miraculously! After having worked out in the yard of my new house, the bromeliads (I realize I am allergic to them) had scratched my arms and caused me to break out in a rash due to an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis - editor's note).

The following Monday one of my doctors gave me a sample of your product, unfortunately, I just put it in my drawer (for about 6 months) and ended up using an antibiotic cream which took forever to get rid of. Then one day as I was going through my drawer I noticed it and read about how it works.

I started using it on my face because knowing that if it protects my skin from moisture loss without hindering it from producing more moisture, why not? Isn't that why we spend mega bucks on beauty moisturizers that are only superficial? at 10.00 a bottle and a drop what a bargain for staying youthful.

I called your office to tell them how great the product worked and thought everyone in the world should know. You see, I did not want to ever be without this product. I even ordered samples from your company so that I could distribute them to the medical doctors that I called on.

Just weeks ago when I was out in my yard again and having gotten scratched by the bromeliads I decided to use your product on my arms and within 2-3 days my arms were healed... wow!

One of the doctors I gave a sample to said that there was an ingredient in your product that is very costly and helps with skin disorders… told him where to find it at Walgreens for his patients... I have felt that your product was not being to promoted so that everyone who needs this is no able to experience the benefits...

I have told the girls at Walgreens that they need to have it in the pharmacy and the cosmetic department, and explained to them how and why it works... this product is something that I do not want to ever be without because of the wonderful results... it only makes sense...

Joan LeBlanc
Formerly of Estee Lauder
Sarasota, Florida

Gloves In A Bottle is one of the best skin lotions I have ever used. I work outdoors and it gives me more protection from any skin problem than anything I have found.

L.Z. Markes
Thomson, CA

I just purchased your product because I needed a hand product to protect against grease and oil around the farm. I was made aware of it by a direct mailing. I have used one other product through a department store but it was not as good as "Gloves In A Bottle".

J.Andrew Gingrich
Mercersburg, PA

I am a floral designer with 22 years in the floral industry. Like all designers, we love the Christmas season with all the wonderful smells of evergreen and pines used in design, but HATE the results of their pitch on our hands.

This year before traveling to work in a friends shop for the season I looked for a product like yours and found it (Gloves In A Bottle) at Home Depot. All three designers used it as directed (re-applying every 4 hours) and were all amazed and thrilled at the results. We usually live with black pitch on our hands that will not come off for the whole month of December. Going out to dinner usually means keeping your hands under the table.

This product is something the floral industry should very much be hearing about. There are several Florist magazines... There are also trade and design shows as well as Gift shows both in San Francisco and Los Angeles (such as the Flower Mart in LA) that I think would be interested in carrying your product. Thanks for the first clean hand Christmas ever!

Valerie Uram
Floral Designer

I work at a flower shop and just bought your product and use it. It worked so well with me I told anyone else in the flower shop and they use it and loved it, they all said how it makes their hands feel so good. We all thank you for a wonderful product!

Cindy Butler
Expressions by Judy

People who work with their hands - plumbers, auto mechanics, gardeners - will appreciate Gloves In A Bottle. This stuff actually works! For gardeners, those cracks around the thumb are gone. And I've found using it on my forearms gives almost complete protection against dermatitis that used to result from working in juniper bushes. Washing up is quicker, easier and more effective, even after doing greasy jobs such as engine work. Not to wax too enthusiastic, but I've rarely found a product that delivers more than it promises.

David Kline
Professional Gardener

This is the first summer I have had smooth "garden hands". This product is wonderful and I use it every day. My fingernails no longer dry out and break or split. I really enjoy using your product. Also, your prompt delivery and friendly service are greatly appreciated!

Nancy R. Dunn

I personally started using Gloves In A Bottle about 4-5 years ago. It was after our company was having problems with the employees breaking out with a rash on their hands and arms. It seems the rubber bands we were using (made in Sri Lanka) were the culprit. After using several skin protectors we chanced upon Gloves In A Bottle and bingo no more rashes . It really protected the contact of the rubber from their skin.

After years of gardening my hands felt like leather and were with our mucky black soil. I started using Gloves In A Bottle after the company's success and after about a week I noticed my hands were looking very different. They were looking so good, I started having manicures for the first time in my life. I actually started wearing polish and was not ashamed of my hands.

Today I use Gloves In A Bottle on my hands, arms, legs and feet (I am a bare-footer). My feet are not stained like they use to be. I don't know if it was the Gloves In A Bottle, but I was single when I started using it and I am now married to a man a bit younger than me. Makes you wonder!

Kay Hawkin
Grand Island, Florida

Gloves In A Bottle