The first time I used Gloves In A Bottle on my hands and elbows and WOW!! What a joyful experience that was. At the time I had a rash on the top of my foot that itched so bad I could hardly keep from scratching it and of course then the skin would weep and make a scab. I used everything I could find to clear it up. I must have used at least 10 different products but nothing worked.

So one day I said I wonder if this lotion would help. One application and the itching stopped and the scab was gone in about 1 1/2 days and the itching never came back. I've been using it like a body lotion, hands, feet, face, neck arms, etc. My face skin is so supple and smooth. I LOVE THIS STUFF.

Lyn Buerger

My wife has had a dry heel problem for years and has used stones, razors, multiple creams (including Rx) and the MOMENT she put Gloves In A Bottle on, she said her dry skin problem was over.

William Welsh
MD in Whittier, California

I am 65 years old and had never had any skin problems until two years ago when the doctors took me off of my hormone pills. I began to notice dry itchy skin, especially on the trunk area and particularly in the winter months. I bought different soaps, creams, lotions, powders and whatever over the counter medications for dry itchy skin I could find. None seemed to give me any relief. I had never been to a dermatologist, but decided maybe this was it. I made an appointment but couldn't get in for a month.

So in the meantime I started searching the internet for a solution and literally stumbled across Gloves in a Bottle. I placed an order and it came quickly. I started using your lotion and by the time I went for my appointment with the dermatologist my skin had cleared up. I make a point to keep it on hand now.

Linda Graham
Cedar Park, TX

My name is Laurie, all my life I have suffered from severe dry skin on my legs only, not too sure why just my legs and it has always affected shaving for me. Each and every time I shave I would get rash and bumps and my hair would grow under the skin. I would scratch until it was painful then could not shave for days after, even using an electric shaver. I saw this product at Kaiser Hospital and thought it would be worth trying.

It is the first time in 30 years that my skin has not only felt like baby skin but now I have NO problems with shaving or the horrible after affects that I have always experienced. I have tried soooo many products that claim to work but never did. This product has saved my skin makes my legs look and feel beautiful. Mentally it was hard on me before and I always dreaded the task of shaving. I love this product so much, I thought I was doomed for life. I really cannot express how greatful I am to have found Gloves In A Bottle and pray that it is a product that will be around for years to come.
Respectfully and truely greatful,

Laurie Gillis

Help soothe and moisturize dry skin using Gloves In A Bottle

At 35 years of age, both of my hands developed scaly, dry areas, mostly on the palm side of the hands and fingers, especially the fingertips. After suffering with persistent itching and bleeding, I visited a doctor about it. The doctor believes that there is something that I'm touching with my hands to which I have developed an allergy. He prescribed "Diprolene", but was careful to give me a number of dire warnings about how this was very strong medicine, not meant for prolonged use.

The Diprolene did handle the problem, but even if my hands appeared to be completely healed, as soon as I stopped using "Diprolene", the symptoms would quickly return. This was no long-term solution, so I began trying an assortment of different skin care products from pharmacies, Avon, health food stores, taking vitamin E, etc.

I even tried wearing gloves most of the day to avoid touching anything with the skin of my hands. I'm sure you can imagine how ridiculous I felt walking around with gloves on in the San Antonio summer, plus -it did nothing whatsoever to help the situation. In a nutshell, some of these things made the problem more bearable, but nothing was really helping to heal the problem.

I saw "Gloves In A Bottle" at a Walgreen's pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas. I bought some and tried it. At first, I really didn't think that it was doing very much. This product isn't a moisturizer, like everything else that I tried to use, so it didn't feel like it was doing anything.

However, the affected skin on my fingers and palms seemed to be slowly improving as long as I was faithful in using this product. I reached a point at which the large scaly patches basically disappeared and my fingers no longer cracked and bled in a few weeks. A few more weeks, and the dry itchy skin on my hands appeared to be nearly perfect again.

Mike Harris

My daughter works in a deli and she loves your product!! She puts it on before she starts work and again after her break. She has had many problems with dry itchy skin in the past but since using your product her hands are soft, and look Wonderful!!!

Thank you so much for making this GREAT product!

Jeanne Smith

Gloves In A Bottle lotion is amazing. I have a constant problem with dry skin on hands due to a job that requires frequent hand washing. The improvement in skin condition since using this product is very apparent.

Anita Conrad
Mountlake Terrace, WA

I have my hands in & out of water all day as I'm a home care aide. In the winter especially this dries my hands alot. Using Gloves In A Bottle really works. My hands are soft. I especially like it as I don't have to reapply after each hand washing.

Cheryl Bliss
Providence, RI

Subject: Resale Inquiry

I have been using this product for the last 2 weeks and I am very impressed with it. I have never found anything that worked so well on dry spots and hands etc. Especially on my elbows which were just as bad as the example picture you show and the results I got were the same as your illustration. I was so impressed that I would like to attempt to sell it as an independent salesmen if such is possible...


Just wanted to let you know that your product is great. I was having a very difficult time with dry skin. Due to the onset of some physical problems my skin felt cracked and looked horrible. I heard about your product though a friend, I have had much relief and my skin feels great. Thank you for this product.

Hope Trevino
Harlingen, TX

I have been battling dry skin and severe eczema for a long time. Have had different creams from my doctor and I went for a long time to a skin specialist and I've tried it all. Yesterday I went to get some Gloves In A Bottle – I put it on at 6 PM and my hands were as smooth as a baby's behind and stayed that way.

This morning went back to the pharmacy and bought a small bottle and because I am on Social Security they gave me four packets. I have never had anything work so fast and so good.

My eczema skin was so bad if I brushed my hand by my face it would actually cut it. I wanted to let you know this stuff is a miracle and I can go somewhere and not be embarrassed by my hands. Thank you, thank you for coming up with this cream.


Help soothe and moisturize dry skin using Gloves In A Bottle

Dry Skin Treatment:

You have a very special lotion. I want to thank you for this product.

Being a nurse for 36 years, you can imagine how rough my hands were. As the cooler weather starts my hands also are very dry and cracked. I used this product for 2 days and the little open areas were healed. In 5 days the roughness was gone. Now I have people tell me how soft my hands are. This is the first time in many years that this has happened.

My daughter wanted to try some too, the doctor had given her medication for her red and scaly hands. The med was oz for about $10.00. It did not help at all. After using GIAB her hands look and feel wonderful. The redness and scales are gone. I’ve told my family and friends in OH, LA and GA, they all want to try it.

The stores where I bought GIAB was out of it, so I called the 800 number on the bottle. A very nice young man took my order and explained where I could purchase the product. I also spoke to Debbie in marketing, she was kind enough to answer my questions. You have a very nice staff working for you. I just wanted to thank you for helping my hands feel better and look wonderful. God bless you all.

My husband Jerry uses it too, it has made a significant improvement in his hard working hands.

Sharon L.Workman
Retired Nurse

I was given Gloves In A Bottle, and for years I've been wearing Band-Aids on my elbows because dry skin catches on things and hurts. After my second application I knew I didn't need Band-Aids anymore and I haven't worn any since. This stuff is great! Thank you for this product!

Jean Fox

I have been using your product for a couple weeks now. Your Gloves In A Bottle is fantastic! It is not greasy at all, very smooth and silky, and like the promo says – it does not wash off. I used Gloves In A Bottle on my elbows and heels. It softened them up right away, and stayed that way for hours. Thank you for a Great Product!

Linda Smery

This is not a hand cream, it is a miracle!!!

You name the product I have used it, since I got Gloves In A Bottle I threw them all out. Every fall my hands "turn on me". My skin gets so dried and cracked it starts bleeding. I have seen so many skin specialists and used every lotion and medication - none of them work.

I will not travel without Gloves In A Bottle in my purse!

I am almost ready to cry because Gloves In A Bottle has saved me so much pain and agony!


I'm writing this letter in regards to a new product that I had the rare pleasure of receiving from a very young store clerk while shopping in Fresno at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I have an illness called Systemic Lupus Erythamatosis, which is in a nutshell, is a disease that attacks my own immune system. My skin is always dry and at times very itchy. I develop rashes and rough, dry skin on different areas of my body, so of course I am always looking for a lotion or moisturizer to sooth these areas of concern. To my amazement, after trying just a very small sample of your product, Gloves In A Bottle, I was hooked!

I have spent hundreds of dollars looking for the right lotion, but nothing has even come close to your product. I'm so tickled to have found this new product that I'm telling everyone I know and even those people I don't know, what a fantastic skin product your company has developed. This product without a doubt, will be a life changing experience for those of us who deal with daily skin problems which range from irritants, illnesses, or just our own environment of which we are all exposed to "who knows what" on a daily basis. I can't begin to tell you the total excitement that I have for this Gloves In A Bottle product. I can only say that you will have me and everyone that I know for a lifetime customer.

Our hats are off to you for developing a winning product that I assure you will be well received by anyone who is fortunate enough to come in contact with it. You have saved the day, or should I say, you have saved and protected our precious skin! Now I can throw away all of the unused product in my home, and replace them with Gloves In A Bottle, which I know works like a miracle for dry skin.

Now, instead of putting Vaseline on my hands at bedtime and wearing a pair of gloves over it, I can simply smooth on a small amount of your product and know that I am getting the very best protection that money can buy. I just love your product and I love it so much, that I'm going to make sure that everyone I know in the healthcare industry, including my doctors, that this is the protecting qualities. You have my complete endorsement of your wonderful product.

Thank you.

Faye White

I wanted to contact you to inform you of how pleased I am with the protection "Gloves In A Bottle" lotion has provided.

I am a nurse of 26 years and have used NUMEROUS products for my very sensitive dry skin and "Gloves In A Bottle" by far has helped my hands through the multiple washings, dry winter periods, cracked fingers, dry skin etc. the best.

I am certainly good advertisement for your product and have recommended it to numerous others.

You need to think about marketing it to medical professionals. If not for my friend working for a dermatologist I would not have heard about it.

Trish Conroy
Registered Nurse (RN)

I am a veterinarian in a primarily dairy cattle practice in upstate New York. Handling cows, where as I do, is not always a clean job. This kind of exposure then leads to frequent washing of hands. Particularly then in colder months of the year, my hands get rough and chapped, which once started proceeds to feed on itself.

Heavy gloves as a protection are often not useful because they are in the way, also gloves on and off repeatedly doesn't get along in the haste to move work along.

Use of Gloves In A Bottle this past winter has been an aid in keeping my hands healthier and I plan to continue its use. A bottle sits on the front of my practice truck to encourage regular use.

Charles W. Nydam
Veterinarian (DVM PS)
Stamford, NY

I am always looking for a good product for the dry skin on my hands. I purchased your product from "Real Goods". The constant hand washing and application of latex gloves keeps my skin very dry and irritated. This product is the best skin care production I have ever used. It is also a great gift for my co-workers.

Cynthia Fowler
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

I just wanted to tell you that I had a chronic problem with dry skin on my hands. I'm a pathologist and I use surgical gloves all day, take them on and off, and continually wash my hands. I also like to swim. My hands were cracking and bleeding so bad, I couldn't even hold a pen. Nothing worked until this stuff. Now I can swim as much as I want, and the cracked skin is totally gone. Gloves In A Bottle is amazing stuff.

Carolyn Hopkins

I've never written to a company about how good their product is. I have tried every so-called lotion healer there is and none of them did what they were supposed to. None of them made my hands look better – only less dry. One day I was in the pharmacy waiting for my daughter's prescription and I decided to look around instead of sit and wait.

I was skeptical first from trying so many to only be disappointed. In a week's time my skin looked better and younger and I was very happy indeed. Now, this is all I use and I tell other people about it. I really value this product and I will use it for good. I love this lotion so much, I wish it came in the gallon size (note: the gallon size is now available). Thank you for reading this sincere letter.

Lorraine Sanchez

Dear Sirs or Madam,

I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your product particularly the speed with which it smoothes my hands.

As a quilter I consider a small bottle part of my equipment.

I would like to ask for a donation of the small samples if permissible. Our quilt club is having a show and feel that an introductory packet would be a way to introduce local quilters to your product. They will be providing 100 “goodie” bags to the first 100 visitors.

Thank you for any assistance and for a product that delivers.

Dorothy Sapp,

Another winter season is upon us. Last winter I was introduced to your "Gloves In A Bottle". Other creams have helped some but your product really makes my hands feel like stain. What a wonderful creation. Thank you!

Marian Roskeny
Irwin, PA

This is the best lotion I have ever had the pleasure of using. I've had trouble with the skin on my face & hands for years. What my dermatologist gave me to use doesn't even compare to the results I've had with your lotion. It's fantastic. I used to have dry, blotchy, red, itchy, skin on my face. Nothing worked. Gloves In A Bottle does. My hands have always been a problem. Especially in cold weather. They would be dry & crack & split & bleed at my finger tips. Not any more. Gloves In A Bottle has made me very happy. I can't thank you enough.

Vicki S.
Oxford, GA

First let me assure you that contacting you about a product is totally unsual for me. I can't remember being so amazed about a product. I have been a Rural Letter Carrier for 21 years. You can't imagine how bad all the carriers hands get. We sort thousands of pieces of mail daily. Everytime we touch a piece of paper we blot the oil off of our hands. Then we go out in the cold weather (or hot). You can't wear gloves and still be able to handle each individual piece of mail. You just can't do it. When it get's real cold, the boxes are mostly metal..well you can imagine. You try to sit on your hands between mailboxes to keep your fingers warm.

Believe me, I can not tell you how many products I have tried in 21 years. Even a product for Cow's utters! My sister in law brought me a sample of your product. She said "You really need to try this" I was not very interested because nothing has worked in 21 years and this is just one more. WOW! It works! It really, really works and it works fast. What is this? My husband is a welder and outdoorsman. Hands like sandpaper and cracks in the finger corners. His hands are great now. He can't believe it either. Anyway, Why doesn't everyone know about this product? I am going to take some to work. They won't believe it.

Karen Ensminger

This morning I came across a poem I wrote back in January in reply to a poem a friend wrote about her face mask. I thought perhaps you would enjoy it.

Moisture the Way Nature Intended

Gloves In A Bottle - the product that works! I mean
It is really addressed to the dried-out, like me.
And I smoothed every droplet as far as the crook
Of my unyoung, parched elbows - addressed every nook,
To see if my hands, rather dried up and wrinkly
Would profit from stuff for the term'n'ly crinkly.
Now my forearms are shining with moisture and youth,
But they don't match the rest, if you're seeking the truth.
I've tried. I'm sold, but I tried at my peril
'Cause now I won't rest 'til I've purchased a barrel!

Delsa Anderson

Last week at Walgreens, on a whim, I bought Gloves In A Bottle. I am a nurse and my hands were beginning to look a lot older than I felt. I've bought bottles and bottles of lotions promising me results that didn't happen. Often the lotions felt nice until I washed my hands again. Rough yucky looking nurse hands and getting worse. Scullery maids and I had a lot in common, so I didn't expect much... another bottle to line my shelves in the bathroom.

Every now and then something comes along that really really works!!!!!!!!!

I put your lotion on before I went to bed. The next morning while washing my hands I was befuddled at first to notice that my hands looked younger (my face was the same, so no aliens abducted me and accidentally returned me to the past.) I then remembered the Gloves In A Bottle, fetched it off the shelf and put it in my purse. I used it all last week and then accidentally left the bottle at work yesterday.

So I raced off to Walgreens to buy several bottles this time. Some for me and some to share. I couldn't find it anywhere. So I asked a sales clerk for help. "It didn't sell", said the sales clerk, " so we sent it all back". aaaaaarrrrrrgggguhhhh.... I told her they had made a big mistake, as I had been showing everyone at work and telling any one who would listen how great this stuff was. The sales clerk called another store. "Nope they sent it back too, said it wasn't selling and it cost too much." I told her the truth, I'd rather pay a little more for something that works than buy lots of bottles of lotion that don't work!

I then visited two more Walgreens in hopes that they had a lazy manager, alas, they were all doing what they were told to do. Dumb, dumb, dumb! and then I went to two "beauty" store outlets... Dang... Dang... Danggggg.

So here I am on your web site... I went to Google, typed in Gloves In A Bottle lotion and it came right up. YIPPPPEEEE! I have ordered two bottles and all's right with the world again, except at Walgreens were I think the management made a dumb decision.

PS... And my hands look better than they have in years! THANKS

RN from Missouri

Help soothe and moisturize dry skin using Gloves In A Bottle

People who work with their hands - plumbers, auto mechanics, gardeners - will appreciate Gloves In A Bottle. This stuff actually works! For gardeners, those cracks around the thumb are gone.

And I've found using it on my forearms gives almost complete protection against dermatitis that used to result from working in juniper bushes. Washing up is quicker, easier and more effective, even after doing greasy jobs such as engine work. Not to wax too enthusiastic, but I've rarely found a product that delivers more than it promises. This is the first summer I have had smooth "garden hands". This product is wonderful and I use it every day. My fingernails no longer dry out and break or split. I really enjoy using your product. Also, your prompt delivery and friendly service are greatly appreciated!

David Kline
Professional Gardener

This is the first summer I have had smooth "garden hands". This product is wonderful and I use it every day. My fingernails no longer dry out and break or split. I really enjoy using your product. Also, your prompt delivery and friendly service are greatly appreciated!

Nancy R. Dunn

Hi, I just have to tell you how much I like your product!!! I always have had dry skin but when I worked at a job in a factory where chemicals were just in the room, I guess it just was in the air, and within a minute I broke out in a rash and was extremely red. The other workers had been trying to get company to buy Gloves In A Bottle for all to use but you know how they don't always think it will work well!!!!!!

I put some on over redness and in a very short time it disappeared showing me that it was a great product. But I also found that the next day I put some on before I went to work and I was working with a chemical plus what was in the air and I did not even get red or itch. I am sold on the product!! When I asked for your product in stores it was hard to find, this was a few years back!! But I found some at the grocery store, at Hy-Vee, and as you can tell I am very pleased I can buy it locally.
Thanks again,


I love your product. It has done wonders for my hands.... I'm a health assistant at an elementary school so I am constantly washing my hands. It's funny when I now go into our Walgreens because I've become known as "you're the lady that bought all the Gloves In A Bottle". I have three of the large ones and two of the small ones. I've been spreading the word about it. Have a good week.
Thank you,

Health Assistant

I can't even tell you the years and money I have spent looking for the cream or lotion that would relieve my skin condition. I have grand children with the same skin problems. Till now! Saying its great doesn't even come close to speaking of this product. Yes, I am a Grandma, but getting married in a few months. Will not be self-conscious of my hands again. Thank you so much. The Ring will look great!

Sandra Crabtree

I love your product and use it daily here in Billings, MT. I have always suffered from dry skin and cracked fingers, especially having put in 28 years in the fire department. Your product in conjunction with my daily use of flaxseed oil cleared my problem up nearly overnight. I was so excited about this product that I told my mother about it; she also suffers from the dry skin and cracked fingers. Can you please give me the name of a point of sales in Renton, Washington (near Seattle) for my mom? Thanks for your terrific product and any info that you can provide.


Gloves In A Bottle isn't greasy. Goes on smooth. People will not have any allergies to it as it has no perfume in it as other creams may have.

Elaine Nunn

Loved this product. Will make sure to have some when weather warms in this area and can work outside. Gave it a good trial run and used it while baking for the holidays. Was surprised that it really did work as I was washing my hands frequently with handling different cookie dough.

Lynn Wright
Schaumburg, IL

Since 2003 I have been plagued with terribly painful, bleeding, broken skin on my hands. I ended up losing my position as a medical claims adjustor at a reputable company, as my 8 hour days entailed typing on a computer to process claims and correspond with clients.

After being treated by 5 dermatologists, including a supposedly world renowned one from Johns Hopkins Hospital, and going through a battery of allergy tests which showed that I was allergic to “nothing”, I have finally found your product.... And it has proved to be a Godsend.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I cried when my fingers started to improve; and that was after just three applications of Gloves In A Bottle. As a matter of fact, the first application took away the debilitating pain in my fingers immediately. I have just finished placing an order for 4 bottles of your product. I plan to keep my hands healthy.

I just had to let you know how grateful I am. God Bless you and anyone connected with your company!

Lynda A. Alexander
Timonium, MD

Thank YOU! The Gloves In A Bottle my MD gave me made a difference in two days. I have extremely dry skin as you can imagine living in the desert. Can't wait to get more, and pass on the word about the product!

Laurie C.

Gloves In A Bottle reviews from Amazon.com

I am a homemaker and purchased Gloves In A Bottle because I was having a terrible problem with extremely dry fingertips that felt like sandpaper and even cracked open. This was caused simply by very frequent wetting of hands in dish washings, food preparation, hand washing, etc.

I had tried every "extra-strength" lotion I could find, and even slept wearing expensive lotion-treated disposable gloves. None of them did much good. Then I tried your product and received an amazing degree of relief immediately. Nothing else has worked like this!


For many years now I have had a very bad dry skin problem on my hands. I have tried so many different hand lotions and creams, and it is either too sticky or watery or burns my hands.

Then a friend of mine gave me a bottle of a product he received at his company. I said to him, "Oh, yeah, give me something only men should use." Boy, was I wrong. It has been a Godsend to me.

It is called Gloves In A Bottle. Since I have been so lucky to have found this product, I can assure you this will be the only hand lotion I will ever use. I am very lucky to have been able to find a beauty supply store who carries this product in my town.

Thank you, Gloves In A Bottle!

Kathryn Voorhees
Phoenix, AZ

Happy consumer and owner of nice hands!

This is just the best stuff ever! I know it has been around a while, but I happen to pick it up while waiting for an Rx to be filled at my pharmacy, and decided to try it. Oh my goodness...nothing has ever worked so well. I just ordered 4 large bottles, and plan to put them at my job, in my car, at home, and in my gym locker at the club. I'll never have dry hands again!! Thanks!

Jan Bartlett

Your product "Gloves In A Bottle" is truly fantastic!

Been in retail almost 2 years and handling merchandise with all the chemicals has dried my hands miserably. I've tried so many lotions; nothing helped so thoroughly as this.

Thanks for giving me back much smoother hands – it's so nice not to be embarrassed by how they've looked before.

May Lee Hope

I've been using Gloves In A Bottle since September 17th and I'm now starting my second bottle. My initial opinion was the product felt very dry and didn't nourish the dry skin i.e. after applying Gloves In A Bottle my skin felt dry, so I used it in conjunction with regular hand cream, between the 3-4 hour applications. Over time my dry skin improved and now I use Gloves In A Bottle (3-4 x / day) and very little if any regular hand cream. The product has helped to improve my skin and overtime I hope that I will see complete success.


My hands get sore due to washing parts in parts solvent. Using Gloves In A Bottle my hands are less irritated. They no longer are chapped. I really enjoy using the product.

Rochester Harley-Davidson

I was in Ken's Pharmacy and saw Gloves In A Bottle and sampled it. At the time I did not buy a bottle. Last night I was truly amazed at how my cuticles felt so smooth and soft. I have always had very dry cuticles and have tried everything.

One time when I was getting a manicure the girl remarked how dry my cuticles were. Today I made a special trip to Ken's and bought the 8 oz bottle and will never be without it. Thank you for such a great product.

Tulsa, OK

I wanted to write you this letter to say "Thank You" for your Gloves In A Bottle lotion. I have used hand lotion for many years. My last job I was a Printer/Sorter operator for a bank. I now live in Chicago working for a mason, working with concrete, mortar, lime etc. etc. It is worse now.

I have been using Gloves In A Bottle since July of 2003 and I will never change, unless someday you come out with "Gloves In A Bottle II". I have showed this to four of my family members from upstate NY who are also using it now.

Doug Bamford

I am crazy about Gloves In A Bottle! I've always had terribly dry and sensitive skin. I've tried many different products and lotions, but none compare to yours. I noticed a difference in my skin (hands and feet) with the first application. WOW! I like the fact that it's fragrance free and that it truly is greaseless.

Jennifer M.Grable

Gloves In A Bottle