Help soothe and moisturize dry skin using Gloves In A Bottle

I am another person who has tried EVERYTHING for my cracked, painful fingertips and nothing worked. A week ago, after applying six Band-Aids and greasy ointment I went to the Internet in desperation, hoping to find a better solution. I found your website and the testimonials convinced me that I had nothing to lose by trying your product. I called every drugstore in town and finally located it.

I am so pleased and amazed that after only one day the cracks were closed and healing. The lotion was also soothing and helped with the pain immediately. At first I used it faithfully every four hours. And now, a week later, the cracks are almost gone. My hands are softer than they've ever been. Thank you so much for creating a product that is finally healing my dry hands and fingers. What a miracle!

Linda Brill

I am dropping you a e-mail just to say how fantastic your product really is. I have suffered with sore cracked hands causing me pain and embarrasment for years, I have been a Marine Engineer for the last seventeen and a half years starting my apprenticeship with the same company. Going back to then health and safety isn't what it is today and disposable gloves were not used back then and it was seen tough to not use them.

I would say my problem started maybe 11 years ago and have got worse since I came off the shop floor and promoted to Marine Eng.Supervisor, I don't know why. I became fed up with it about a month ago after trying every cream I could buy, using plasters like they had gone out of fashion. I decided to search the internet where I came by your product Gloves In A Bottle and decided to purchase it through an agent in England.

I have got to say my hands are fantastic, family and friends can't believe the transformation. I had to e-mail you just to pass on my thanks for such a fantastic product and it has improved my life, in fact I have just ordered another bottle.

Stuart Carmichael
Hull, East Yorkshire, England

I wanted to inform you of how this product has done wonders for a skin problem that I have been fighting with for a couple of years. The skin on the tips of my fingers, on both hands were cracking severely regardless of the various attempts I made to soften the skin and/or to apply medication to heal the cracks.

My fingers were so bad that at times I had extreme difficulties buttoning my clothes or holding on to small items such as pencils, screwdrivers, etc.

I started using Gloves In A Bottle and it was almost an instantaneous improvement.

Within 5 days of use of the product, applying it at least twice a day during that period, my skin problem was handled - the cracks were nearly gone, the skin on my finger tips began defoliating and it was incredible how soft and supple my hands have become.

This product is great, makes your hands feel good and soft. Itís been years since my hands have been so smooth and feel so good.


For the first time in my life I have nails! I have been using GIAB for just a short time now, but in the last few weeks my nails have grown and are strong. My hands are softer than they have ever been and for the first time in my life I am using nail varnish. Thank you so much for GIAB - it really works.

Kate N.

I searched online for a little while for a good hand cream that I could find without going to my dermatologist, I found great reviews of Gloves in a Bottle. I purchased it yesterday and in less than 24 hours my hands are almost unscarred and are certainly free of pain. I work on movie sets, therefore I do a lot of work with my hands which require all sorts of situations, most of which are cracking my hands apart. I was tired of wearing Band-Aids all the time underneath gloves. The cracks were quite painful. Now I'm excited to get back to work, pain free.

C. B. Daring
Manhattan Beach, CA

I would just like to say as soon as I have more money I'll be ordering as much Gloves In A Bottle as I can buy.

Because this stuff really works, I had my hands starting to crack the other night and I put some Gloves In A Bottle on right before I went to bed and I got up this morning and I noticed a much improved overall look, like my hands never cracked or had cracks around them.

I just want to say thanks for a wonderful product like yours. I know if I would have bought a hand lotion from any other store, it couldn't do what your guys' product has done for me in just as little as 24 hours and or less, because I know - with other over the counter hand lotions - they take forever to seemingly work and when they do, you are not sure if it's going to last.

I might add that I have obsessive compulsive disorder which causes me to wash my hands a lot, and other over the counter hand lotions wash right off, where as you know this one doesn't. Which is a good thing for me.

Thanks again for the great product, I can't wait to be able to buy more so I have enough to last me, even though one bottle shockingly has lasted me some time now.

Pontiac, Michigan

I have used your product for a week, and so far so good! I work with handicapped children and must wash my hands numerous times daily. I usually develop those painful fingertip cracks but have not experienced that since using GIAB. Thank you so much!!


I recently began using your product "Gloves in a Bottle" to help with split and peeling finger tips. Although I've only been using the lotion for about a week, the improvement is amazing... and not just on the tips of the fingers! My hands are much smoother and less dry every day. I love this product and will be sure to pass out the samples included in my shipment to spread the word to my friends. Thanks for creating it!!!

Mary Kay
Englewood, CO

Thank you for this product. I have had sore cracked hands for years. I have tried everything you can buy and nothing would work. My daughter is a nurse and somebody gave her Gloves In A Bottle. Her hands are like mine because of washing her hands all the time. This stuff is great.

Brad Welker
Cape Girardeau, MO

I work in a law firm and we are constantly handling paper of all kinds... copy paper, bond paper, old stored paper.. all kinds.. our hands get very dry and chapped... My attorney loves your product and actually took the bottle that we had by the supplies and has now emptied it in his office... It is his favorite. So... I decided to get him the individual packets so that he could keep some in his briefcase and his car as well as his desk drawer as his christmas present. Thank you for your prompt service and fantastic product!!!

Coleen Rasmussen
Sherman Oaks, CA

I have found Gloves In A Bottle the only product that protects my hands outside the home. In addition, when flying, which I do frequently, I find reapplying during the flight avoids the cracked finger tips problem I encounter when I do not treat my hands in flight.


Having been given a sample bottle of "Gloves In A Bottle" and suffering with cracked skin and exposed wounds below these splits, I was keen to try the given product.

On having applied the lotion for just over a week's period there was a great improvement to a total healing of one wound on my right-hand index finger, which had not occurred in the previous two years. From my own experience my company will now stock and sell "Gloves In A Bottle" with confidence.

Bryan Hazelwood
M.D. of Fenland Fastenings Ltd.
Boston, Lincolnshire.

I gave a friend my purse sized bottle of Gloves In a Bottle, and now find I can't find it any store in the Anoka & Elk River, MN, area. Yeah, I know, dumb move. I live in the Milaca, Minnesota, area, but do go into the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, in their northern suburbs. I am desperately looking for a store that sells your product.

My hands can't take much more of the greasy lotions. I do counted cross stitch and Hardanger needlework, and can't stitch with sore, cracked hands.

It's the first time I have had "normal" hands that aren't cracked or bleeding. I have an auction house kitchen and my hands are in soap and water constantly, and the next day I feel as though my skin is too small for my hands. Thank you.

Cait Johnson

My daughter suffered from dry and sore skin on the back of her knees. After using Gloves In A Bottle the skin is smooth and clear - it's a great product and really does work. My wife uses it on her feet as a moisturiser and says its the best product she's found. I have heard lots of positive comments from many people about this product. If you haven't tried it yet you really should!


I bought a bottle of your product at a fabric store a few days ago... it is GREAT! I already notice an improvement in my cuticles and dry skin. I am a School Health Aide and wash my hands so often that my skin was in terrible condition. I plan on giving the samples to friends here at my school. Thanks for a product that works and that is made in USA.

Donna H.
Wahiawa, HI

Your product is amazing. I keep an 8 oz bottle everywhere (bathroom, kitchen, car, office, etc.) and will use this gallon to keep refilling them. I have introduced your product to about 10 people all of whom are now avid fans. Thank you!

Edward Christopher

I would recommend Gloves In A Bottle, it does more than it claims. I dislike gloves for cleaning and this did protect my hands so that they weren't drying and cracked afterward.

It repelled the smell of onions on my hands, I had a rash on my arms and wrists and this protected the skin and gave it a chance to heal up. The soil brushed right off after digging. I like the product a lot.

Marilyn Pletcher
Wheat Ridge, CO

Great product. Not only provides protection to hands, helps heal & soften. Not a strong odor. Pleasant scent! Some water proof type products can be thick & greasy, but not this product.

Rock Rapids, IA

A little bit of background: I'm in my 60s, and live in a place where it's quite dry most of the time, and I've had a lot of trouble (for years) with dry skin on my hands -- finger tips and thumb tips cracking open, lots of roughness on the sides of some of the digits, generalized coarseness and roughness to the skin of the hands. I encountered Gloves In A Bottle while in a store that sells high-end hand woven garments, yarn, and knitting and weaving supplies. I tried a sample and then bought a bottle.

I've been using it throughout the day for about a week now, not longer. My hands are completely different now, already. I really do think there's not a lot of improvement possible over how they are right now. The rough skin sloughed off over several days' time. The skin adjacent to the cracks on my thumbs softened a lot and I clipped it off with a fingernail clipper and the cracks healed up and have disappeared. My hands feel a little bit waxy and very smooth now, supple.

The lotion sinks in very quickly and completely, and there is no residual greasiness. When I wet my hands there is none of the greasy feeling that other products have had. There is no perfume in the lotion, and therefore no odor on the hands. I'm using it every four hours during the day. I could not recommend this stuff more highly. I'm totally satisfied, even amazed. My hands appear to have regressed in age by several decades. I'd give this stuff ten stars if I could.
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I purchased Gloves In A Bottle at City Pharmacy in Elkton, MD. Thought it was a little pricey, until I tried it. WOW, what a difference after only one application! Great product, it is all they say it is, and worth every penny. Thanks again.

Beverly B.

I have come to rely on it to quickly heal the painful cracks I get at the tips of my fingers during the winter time. I also use it for dry skin on my hands. Subsequently the cracks clear quickly, the pain is removed and my hands take on a more pliable and smooth texture. I am a big fan of Gloves in a Bottle.

Robert N.
Tucson, AZ

I am very proud user of "Gloves In A Bottle". I am 61 years old, have four children, 6 grandchildren. We live on the farm. Mostly Beef & Garden.

My hands always cracked so bad that is was disheartening to even look at them. Many a night I would go to bed with lotion and gloves on to keep them from cracking like tooth ache. I come across an advertisement at the check out counter at Home Depot and read it.

Bought a bottle right there about to summers ago. Then I went back to get more as I liked the results I gotten from it. I bought 6 more 2oz bottles. Gave them to friends who I would know had some problems as I did.

We also fish a lot for fun and use real worms we grow ourselves which is dirty along with fish smell. It just has been super for me.

Iím not a fingernail polish user but polish does not stay on the best after using the lotion. This only shows it does put on a good coating of protection. I also put it on right over my rings and it hasnít dulled them at all. I only hope it stays as good as it has been for me.

Martha Fessel

Gloves In A bottle is absolutely the best lotion I've ever found, and I'm a senior citizen, so I've tried them all in my time! The label says to put it on every four hours, but I apply it before school and my hands are still soft, even though I wash them at every opportunity during the day. It's now 5:30 p.m., and my hands are still soft, I have probably washed them at least two dozen times since applying the lotion this morning. I've bought Gloves In A Bottle for friends, relatives, fellow teachers, and the cafeteria ladies at my middle school. I can't thank you enough for this product!

Nancy Johnson
Millersville, PA

For years I cleaned houses. My hands were in ammonia, bleach, oven cleaner, just about every type of cleaning product you can use, short of something caustic. Gloves in a Bottle was my protection. I tell everyone about it, but find it difficult to locate apart from the 2 oz. size. Now I can tell friends it's availabe online.

Lenore T.
Campbell River, BC Canada

This is the best lotion I have ever had the pleasure of using. I've had trouble with the skin on my face & hands for years. What my dermatologist gave me to use doesn't even compare to the results I've had with your lotion. It's fantastic. I used to have dry, blotchy, red, itchy, skin on my face. Nothing worked. Gloves In A Bottle does. My hands have always been a problem. Especially in cold weather. They would be dry & crack & split & bleed at my finger tips. Not any more. Gloves In A Bottle has made me very happy. I can't thank you enough.

Vicki S.
Oxford, GA

I ran across your product at a local drug store on day and tried the free sample the pharmacist handed me and could not believe how great it felt. I was skeptical at first to pay $13.00 for a bottle of lotion but decided I had to give it a better try if it could make my hands feel this good with just one small sample I knew it would be great for all my other problem areas.

I sell beauty supplies for a very well known company and have tried all they have to offer and never got such amazing results. I used to have to go to bed with long sleeve shirts to cover my elbows, long pants to cover my knees, and socks to cover my feet because these areas were so dry and cracked that they would stick to my bed sheets and even wake me up at night.

Now I am a comfortable sleeper and never wear socks unless I have to, I can even wear panty hose without running them just by pulling them over my feet. This is the best product I have ever bought and I tell everyone I meet that even has the slightest problem with dry cracked skin that they have to try it. Thank you so much for what your Gloves In A Bottle has done for me and keep up the good work.

Melissa Varney

This is to let you know how we like Gloves In A Bottle. Guess what! I found that it works! Prior to "Gloves" I had every night been slathering Vaseline on my hands at night to no avail. Still I had dry skin - the painful fingertip cracks, one had begun to bleed, and the skin on my hands was constantly peeling. Very unsightly and painful.

That Friday afternoon, while in the car on my way back to work, I applied "Gloves" on my hands. It has a smooth feeling to it, like a barrier as you describe. I kept applying it during the day, for several days, the cracks closed up, the pain therefore went away, and the skin on my hands is 95% better. Thank you for a great product. I will keep using it so that my hands will become 100% better.

One more thing. I just want to say that I wished I had known about "Gloves" a long time ago. I only found out about it because I took time out and searched on Google for some kind of remedy for cracked dry skin. I heard about Zim Crack Cream on the radio, but never your product. I have the notion that no cream will really work, that cream is only a "hope" to work.

Have you thought about advertising on the radio? Talk radio has a lot of power and so just wanted to make the suggestion to you. "Gloves" should not be kept a secret. I had never heard of it till 9 Jan 04 and only because I made the effort to find a remedy for my problem. Probably many others have not as well.

Well, again thank you for a great product. It is definitely going to be on my permanent shopping list because it works. It has improved my quality of life.

Diana Dodge
Torrance, CA

Please rush 4 bottles of Gloves In A Bottle to me! I want to give two to my dermatologist. He can't believe my hands are so soft! I can't believe it either. This is the first winter in 30 years that my thumbs aren't split tender!

Harriet Allen
Nature Photographer

Thanks for your timely response. Yes, I did receive my order today. I have very dry skin on my hands that occasionally cracks from the dryness. "Gloves In A Bottle" helps tremendously!

I work in a grocery store which requires a lot of being in big coolers and unloading trucks. "Gloves In A Bottle" is the only lotion I have ever found that prevents the severe dryness in my hands. This stuff is not cheap, but, is worth every penny!

Mark Abell

Having had extremely dry skin problems for years to the point of my skin cracking and bleeding, Gloves In A Bottle gave excellent results. With daily and frequent use of this product my dry skin has solved the problem. This product is light and is quickly absorbed and lasts even thru hand washing.

Jo Miller
Gallatin, TN

Gloves In A Bottle is working great for me. For the first time in a long time, I am not so ashamed of my hands. I was wearing bandaids all the time and now I don't feel the need to do that hardly ever. I gave my husband a bottle to use too, because he gets terrible cracks in his hands in the winter. I can't wait to see if it helps him. Thank you so much.

Patricia Leonard
Killeen, TX

I received Gloves in a Bottle three days ago and already I can tell a difference. My knuckles had begun to crack and between my fingers were very dry even after applying lotion. But since I started using Gloves in a Bottle, my skin is so much softer, and the cracks are gone. This stuff really works! My husband who also is a nurse started using it and he loves it as well.

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I got a small bottle at a cross stitch store and my husband tried it. He worked at a mfg. co. and is always washing his hands and they are also rough and cracked.

He put your lotion on his hands last night as he was going to bed and came back out of the bedroom about 5 minutes later and said he couldn't believe the difference in his hands after he put it on.

He said: "Please get more for me". Thanks for your good product and I will spread the word as I have a sister-in-law who is a nurse. Thanks again for such a good product.


My wife has suffered from dry cracked skin for some time. As you can imagine, we tried every remedy we could think of (and others we heard about) all to no avail. Her hands were a mess, seemingly allergic to household cleaners.

Rubber gloves were no help at all. I could not have imagined that by just getting on the internet with the Google site, showing "dry cracked skin", we would see such an improvement in the condition. After just one week using your product her hands are healthy once again. Thank you for Gloves In A Bottle! You really live up to your promise.
We thank you once again.

Wendy and Ed Day
Hornchurch, England

My hands felt smoother and softer after the very first application of Gloves In A Bottle, and after several weeks of use, I noticed a definite improvement in their overall appearance. Specifically, I had fewer problems with my cuticles and no longer had cracked skin in the areas between my fingers, so it really worked for me. The best part of using Gloves in a Bottle, in my opinion, is the fact that the lotion doesnít wash off. As someone who washes my hands quite frequently throughout the day (because of dogs, kids, and, yes, a bit of OCD!), I appreciate not having to worry about reapplying my lotion each time I wash up. I just use a tiny bit of Gloves in a Bottle every four hours, and Iím all set.

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You invited my comments concerning Gloves In A Bottle. This is the first summer I have had smooth "garden hands". Gloves In A Bottle is wonderful and I use it every day. My fingernails no longer dry out and break or split. I really enjoy using your product. Also, your prompt delivery and friendly service are greatly appreciated!

Nancy R. Dunn

Thank you so very much for your prompt reply and information about the Quilter's Choice and Walgreens. They are both very convenient, even more so than Home Depot, which is my husband's favorite store next to Harbor Freight. Praise be, his fingers felt so much better when he woke up this morning. At 81 he is rebuilding a playhouse for our four little grandsons who are visiting us next week. The old California termites had been getting fat and sassy on the wood and completely destroyed it. I have tried for years to get my husband to wear latex gloves. Surgeons and dentists can use them but he claims he cannot. Consequently he winds up with split and bleeding fingers. We had intended to spread the word at a church music seminar today but unfortunately my bronchitis kicked up and unable to attend. However I can always give my thanksgivings at church tomorrow.

After 58 years of marriage I hate to see my husband in pain and he has been so good to me this year after my bout with pneumonia, emphysema and congestive heart failure. You asked how I had learned about your product. It goes back to my old librarian days of research. Was looking for split fingers and Google led me eventually to Gloves In A Bottle. I can hardly wait till I am able to go out into the garden again and use it myself. I still have so much ivy and weeds to pull and have difficulty finding small enough gloves for my hands.

Needless to say, my hands get very dirty and rough. Hopefully this next week I can get out into the sunshine but had better send my husband down to Walgreens for the large size bottle. I have a hunch the 2 oz bottle isn't going to last very long. I think I will have him buy some of the small size bottles to give to some of our friends who also have problems.

Please advertise more and let the world know what a great product you have.

Jane Campbell

I would like to tell you just how much my husband and I enjoy this lotion. My husband is a construction worker, and has been out of this lotion for about a month. His hands are so bad, and this is the ONLY lotion that works, and trust me we have tried tons of different lotions.

Daniene S.

This is the first thing I have ever found that has cleared my chapped, cracked hands. I have been trying to find something to help this problem for years now and I am so glad to have found this...


This is a true story... Several years ago we were driving up to This very Chautauqua Retreat on a very cold Western New York Day. My hands were raw and sore from the weather. We stopped at Quilted Memories and this is where I first discovered Gloves in a Bottle. It was a miracle cure.

I am sure the other quilters will be as delighted as myself.

Lu Ann N
Chautauqua, NY

I have nasty dry skin, flaky and itchy in the winter. And my hands. There are times my hands BLEED because they get so dry in the wintertime.

Gloves In A Bottle did not disappoint. I put some on last night before bed, and when I woke my hands were still soft and smooth, even on the edges of my index fingers, where I tend to get very dry and cracked. I put more on this morning, and even after I washed my hands several times, they remained soft. And I love that this lotion goes on without ever feeling sticky. The best part is, it's quite affordable.

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